Marcin Walczyński

My career path

I am an attorney-at-law with over 20 years of professional experience.

I graduated in law from universities in Poland and in France.

I worked for several years at international law firms Gide and White & Case, then as Head of Legal at a property development company.

I have provided clients with legal services as part of my own practice since 2009.


Who are my clients

Walczyński Law Firm is a boutique law firm dedicated primarly to business.

I offer my services to clients who seek a personalised approach based on direct contact with a trusted advisor, while maintining the highest corporate and ethical standards.

I work for firms which:

– need to solve complex legal issues determining the success of their business;

– wish to implement a business venture on a larger scale and require an efficient lawyer to coordinate the process;

– need an ongoing support of an expert who can quickly provide specific first-hand solution.

I also work for individuals who:

– need to settle private matters that require excellent negotiation, interpersonal skills and discretion of their legal counsel.


What I do

To learn more about my professional activities please check the Practice tab.


What sets me apart

I use strategical thinking and quickly define the legal issue, as well as aims relevant to the client.

I propose simple, specific and feasible solutions.

I communicate using a clear, understandable language, as the effectiveness of an attorney at-law in relations with clients, as well as in negotiations and before the courts depends on it.

I believe that the successful cooperation requires respect for shared values – integrity, honesty, loyalty, and trust. I prioritise sincere personal relationships and a long-term business cooperation.

I work in Polish, English and French.


I am looking forward to doing business with you.

phone: + 48 606 623 664