Litigation is one of the most important areas of my legal practice.

I take on difficult cases which require strategic planning. I have extensive experience conducting legal disputes relating to business, construction, damages, employment and debt recovery.

In cooperation with foreign law firms, I coordinate judicial proceedings, including debt recovery, within the European Union, particularly in France.on

Real estate

I offer legal assistance to developers, parties to the construction process, housing associations, co-operatives and individuals operating in the real estate market.

I advise on real estate transactions and lease agreements.

I help settle the legal status of real estate properties.

Transaction advisory

I advise on M&A transactions, share purchase agreements, as well as investment agreements.

I specialise in mergers and corporate transformations, as well as implementation of other reorganisation measures.

By cooperating with European legal firms, I implement cross-border projects.

I advise foreign clients on their investments in Poland.

Legal due diligence

I have extensive experience in legal due diligence covering companies operating in various industries and real estate properties designated for residential projects.

My offer is aimed at both investors and owners intending to prepare their own business for sale.

Corporate services

I provide entrepreneurs with day-to-day legal  assistance.

I handle all legal issues within the company, including employment law matters and GDPR.

I help develop procedures and documents aiming to improve the legal risk management within organisation.

I draw up contracts, corporate documentation and represent clients in legal proceedings.

First-contact lawyer

My offer is also addressed to indivuduals wishing to place their private affairs in hands of a trusted advisor.

I put in order inheritance, family and real estate affairs.

My services can be used by both persons requiring on-going legal support and those who need assistance in one-time situations.

French Desk

I am familiar with the extent of the Polish and French legal systems.

I help clients from France to establish their companies in Poland and to conduct business here.

I assist Polish clients with projects in France and provide representation before the local courts and legal opinions of a French attorney-at-law.

I advise on commercial transactions between partners from both countries. I participate in negotiations conducted in French.